David's Other Hobby - Antique Radios and TVs

David's other hobby is collecting antique radios and televisions.  He has a collection of around 200 sets, dating from 1921 to as late as the 1950's.  Most of them are currently restored and working.  The collection does not really have a particular "focus", but the majority of the sets are 1920's battery sets and early AC sets.   The manufacturer with the most representation is Atwater Kent.  

In addition to the radios and TVs, there are also antique slot machines and clocks (previous hobbies).

Basement Wall #1 - a mixture of AC, 6 VDC, Farm, and Battery Sets

Another view of basement Wall #1 - Pilot TV-37 3" TV

Mitchell Lumatone Lamp Radio and RCA Chairside

Basement Wall #2 - Mostly battery and early AC sets, Cone Speakers, Early Portables

Horn Speakers, AK metal consoles, Battery Sets

Basement Wall #3 - Early Battery Sets

Basement Wall #3 - Early Battery Sets

Battery and Early AC sets

AK and GE Early Consoles, Knight 32-volt set, early AC sets, parts and tubes

Early Battery Sets

GE 10T6 and Airline 7" TV, 6 Volt DC Radio

Westinghouse "Refrigerator" radios, coin operated sets, intercoms, and mantle radios a.k.a. "Depression" sets.

A collection of battery operated Farm Radios

Eveready AC set, Unknown battery tombstone, Philco 46-1201 Radio/Record Player.

heinzdad.jpg (22015 bytes) rcademo.jpg (62948 bytes)
Heinz König, just off the plane from Germany with a gift of a 1938 German Volksemphanger, ("Peoples Radio" from Nazi Germany) Model VE 301 Dyn, with manual.  This radio is in mint condition.

Philco Predictas, Marlene's College Clock Radio, Organ Tuners

1946 RCA 630 TV with channel 1, HP 200A

Fixed Tuned Microphone Radios

1970's Transistor "doll" radios with "unique" controls!

McMichael (British)

Crosley Gemchest and Philco 604

Crosley Play Time Grandfather Clock

Click here for Inventory of radios and TVs in my collection (Excel) 

Restoration of a Majestic Model 20 in gruesome detail. 
Karola 32-Volt Farm Set Restoration

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